floatVJ is a mixing studio and generative multimedia sequencer. It’s an interactive musical sketchbook with copyright-free video and built-in beats and loop samples you can play around with, arrange a mix, then jump to the full screen graphics and see and hear an evolving floatVJ re-mix. At any point, you use your TV's remore control to call in new samples and visuals.floatVJ makes full use of advanced multimedia techniques to provide a fully interactive experience. You directly control its video and audio playback - producing mixes you can alter and enhance in real-time.Surf onscreen videographics linked to a constantly evolving soundtrack that mixes the hottest elements of ambient, hardcore, trip hop, jungle and techno. Its programming ensures that no two plays will ever be the same.Or you can just sit back and let floatVJ generate new mixes - all in real-time, with no apparent wait-states.It comprises 2 fully integrated components; instantly switchable:Mixa: A 4 track mixing studio featuring a variety of  drum loops and hundreds of sound samples, with volume level and pan control.Evolva: A full screen videographic loop player with generative 8-track audio playback with interactivity.Additional video and audio content is available as add-in downloads; currently comprising a library of 10 x 7MB add-in packs; representing a further 280 audio and 70 videographic loops. Via app store, users have ongoing access to extended materials.floatVJ comes with over 400,000 mix combinations onboard. With floatVJ Add-in Pack 1 installed, users have access to over 3 million possible mix combinations. With 3 packs onboard users have access to 26 million possible mixes.Samples are arranged across 4 independent sound channels and displayed numerically. Each channel has its own volume and stereo channel position fader.Various functionalities are also available:Current sample playingNext sample button – clicking the larger Up/Down button plays the next or previous sample. Clicking the smaller, double arrow button plays the sample 10 positions away. For example if you are playing sample 21 and you click the larger Up button, sample 22 will play; if you click the smaller Up button, sample 31 will play. This is to aid fast navigation through samples.Volume fader – tap and slide to set volume Stereo channel position fader - Many floatVJ samples have double data encoding – panning to the left may result in, say, just a bass line playing, while panning to the right plays just a beat loop. In the centre position, both bass and beat loop are heard simultaneously, in sync.  Preset button - Clicking on a Preset button, saves the current 4 track sample selection and all fader states to memory. The Preset is then lit green. Clicking on a lit Preset immediately recalls and plays the sample selection and fader positions assigned to that Preset.Evolva is a full-screen interactive audio/videographic mixer offering intuitive control over sample mixes created in Mixa. The main screen area contains 6 hidden buttons. Across the top are 3 buttons which control the beat loop playing currently. Beat loops provided in floatVJ offer two separate grooves in the same loop. Tapping top left plays a standalone groove, whilst tapping top right plays an associated groove. Tap top centre and both grooves are heard simultaneously, in perfect sync. So, the hidden buttons across the top of screen control the stereo positioning of these beat samples, enabling the user to interact with the left and right channel of the samples being played.A further 3 hidden buttons in mid-screen similarly affect double-channel wash and ambient samples, as well as apply various scaling and rotation effects to the videographics and calling in new audio samples. If the user doesn’t interact with floatVJ for 20 seconds, it subtly calls in new active audio samples and videographics, providing a generative multimedia sequencer; constantly evolving. So, floatVJ can be left to its own devices; do nothing and it composes away – touch and it reacts. AvailabilityfloatVJ: - €2 – with 140 video and audio loopsfloatVJ Add-in Packs:  - €1 - extra video and audio tracks for floatVJ owners. Requires floatVJ application.floatVJ is wholly owned, developed and designed by storer communications ltd, cyprus | modified corporation llc, usamodified : mobile | desktop | tv

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