We were curious to see what EyeEm's machine learning thought was beautiful and ugly so we wanted to prod the API til we found out

What it does

Users with passwordless membership upload photos from their phone or their computer to the site. we store the photo on amazon and then check eyeem's aesthetic rating and rank the photos accordingly.

How I built it

We split into front end and backend. backend uses cakephp for rapid prototyping and easy launch. front end uses javascript and sass

Challenges I ran into

renaming files during upload to amazon was a larger problem than we thought it would be. we ended up having to save the file to our server temporarily under a desired name and then moving it to amazon.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

being able to use the camera directly in a web app

What I learned

how easy it was to use a remote db on local development

What's next for

we're in talks with investors...

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