We were inspired by food; we've all had the experience before where we want to try a new dish but also want to see what it looks like before we order it.

What it does

The app allows you to point your camera at a menu with anchors which the app picks up and displays an augmented reality, 3D model of the dish. The app also allows you to order the desired food that has been viewed.

How we built it

We built it for iPhone using Xcode and craftAR, an AR sdk that was available for iPhone.

Challenges we ran into

We originally tried to implement using Unity and the vuforia extension; however three 3D models through a phone camera and a not so friend photo taking environment provided challenging.

What we learned

We learned that while AR is difficult, there significant of support for different approaches to AR in the mobile space.

What's next for Float

There are many useful areas where this app can be implemented beyond restaurants such as marketing, advertisement, sales, customer service, and entertainment.

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