We believe that everything should be automated and connected. We let that mentality drive us forward in our idea generation.

What it does

Our application monitors the locations of static and dynamic assets in the field. Each static asset has a location field inside the Predix Asset model. Our dynamic assets are roaming service teams. These service teams locations are constantly updating inside the Dynamic Mapping service as the teams are moving through the field.

When a sensor on one of our static assets crosses a threshold (say, the temperature exceeds a certain amount), it automatically looks up the nearest service team (based on latitude and longitude) to the asset, and dispatches the team to the asset location. Upon arrival, the team is able to scan the asset via barcode and place the asset into service mode, which is reflected on the asset dashboard in real-time.

How we built it

We built the forward-facing app using Node, Express, and JavaScript. Predix Workflow/Azuqua was used for creating integrations to Predix services, and to move data between the Asset, Time Series, and Dynamic Mapping service.

Challenges we ran into

Running out of time before we could fully implement some of our app features. Mainly, the lack of the Google Distance Matrix, which would have allowed us to display the exact amount of driving time required for a crew to reach an asset that is in need.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Taking three different Predix services (Time Series, Dynamic Mapping, Asset) and creating reusable integrations/connectors. Creating these connectors allows us to not only power our solution, but to create/enable other solutions in the future.
  • Real-time dashboard that reflects data contained within Dynamic Mapping and Assets.

What we learned

  • Predix Time Series
  • Predix Asset
  • Predix Dynamic Mapping
  • Integrating all three of those services into one awesome family!

Philosophical learnings: not every feature is going to make it into the app. Focus on the core of the idea first. It's fun to try to take on the world, but you shouldn't try to do it one day!

We're excited to experiment further with the catalogue of Predix services that are now available.

What's next for FLO Force One?

We want to fully close the loop on the automated service dispatch system, including the integration of analytics to optimize the dispatch process.

We'd like to also round out the app by adding a few additional features that didn't make it due to time constraints.

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