Build a simple and fun beginner in Spark AR.

What it does

Flixy has names of famous Netflix shows in emojis. You have to guess them before the timer runs out. There’s an INTRO image which shows what the filter is all about. Then there are QUESTIONS and a TIMER, which after countdown shows you the ANSWER.

How I built it

Spark AR Studio

Challenges I ran into

Creating proper resources for the filter. Understanding certain properties of the objects to be added. Working on the logic of the project.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It was a great learning experience to actually create a tutorial from what i myself tried to learn from different sources.

What's next for Flixy

Add more data for the quiz. Place rewards for the users to share on social. Can further be customised with different styles.

Built With

  • ar
  • sparkar
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