• User can view a list of movies (title, poster image, and overview) currently playing in theaters from the Movie Database API.
  • Views should be responsive for both landscape/portrait mode.
  • In portrait mode, the poster image, title, and movie overview is shown.
  • In landscape mode, the rotated alternate layout should use the backdrop image instead and show the title and movie overview to the right of it.
  • Display a nice default placeholder graphic for each image during loading
  • Improved the user interface by experimenting with styling and coloring.
  • For popular movies (i.e. a movie voted for more than 5 stars), the full backdrop image is displayed. Otherwise, a poster image, the movie title, and overview is listed. Use Heterogenous RecyclerViews and use different ViewHolder layout files for popular movies and less popular ones.

Open-source libraries used

  • Android Async HTTP - Simple asynchronous HTTP requests with JSON parsing
  • Glide - Image loading and caching library for Androids

Built With

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