Countless teachers have told us that scouring the Internet for movies and videos, to supplement their teaching, is frustrating. There is great content out there, thanks to YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, and other sources but it's hard to find, and it's not always age-appropriate or the right length. As our mentor, Michael Petrilli, President of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute notes "Netflix or not, but the power of cinematography to bring the subject alive is just this side of magic. Movies are powerful devices for teaching and learning—why else would so many of us pay good money to see documentaries? The Discovery Channel, National Geographic, PBS, and the other purveyors of lifetime learning know how to make educational content come alive."

FlixAcademy is the solution. Teachers, parents, and students can find educational movies and videos by Topic, Runtime, and Rating, using a single search engine. The results may come from Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, PBS, The History Channel, National Geographic and more, but now there's no need to search all those sites!

Users can use the FlixAcademy mobile app and mobile-friendly website, with our curated search engine to find videos and movies that are age appropriate, valuable, and fit in their time constraints.

FlixAcademy is great for teachers and in particular adjunct professors and substitute teachers. Many teachers already have a set of movies and videos they use to supplement students' education. Now they can earn rewards simply by suggesting videos for our database and sharing those videos with others! With crowdsourcing, and incentives, users will help us grow the service and make it even more valuable. We also plan to let teachers upload their own content, which they can monetize!

Children come home from school and want to watch TV. Rather than watching pointless shows, parents can use FlixAcademy to supplement their children's education, with complementary movies. Students get to watch entertaining movies while learning!

FlixAcademy. Watch. And Learn.

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