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Flix with Friends

Developed by Joseph Martinsen and Tristan Partin. Developed on Solus using Atom and Visual Studio Code.

Flix with Friends is a program that helps users decide what movie they should watch. It reads through spreadsheets or Google Sheets that have names of movies that users would like to watch. The program searches through a movie database to pull descriptions, ratings and various poster sizes to present in an IMDb-like interface to help users decide on what movie to watch based on search criteria like keywords, release date, rating and which of the users has seen the movie.

How to Use

(Insert App Usage)

How to Install

Currently throwing around ideas which could include a Makefile or a setup.py. Stay tuned. Dependencies are currently written in dependencies.txt. Make sure to install them. Python dependencies should be installed using pip3.

As of right now you can clone the repository and run python3 flix-with-friends or simply make.

Future Development

Flix with Friends is leveraging the latest Python and GTK+ versions available on Solus. We, the developers will keep it up to date to the best of our ability with

In no particular order:

  • [ ] Better File Organization
  • [ ] Create Server with RasberryPi
  • [ ] Solid State Drive for Storage
  • [ ] Implement a Load from Server Button
  • [ ] New Movie Box UI as Reveler
  • [ ] Fully Implement the Google Doc
  • [ ] Create Logo


GPL 2.0

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