We innovated a modern smart phone for use in a time honored food service daily task worldwide. A solution after discovering a real world need that wasn’t being satisfied - how do I know this…Cassidy, Erica, Dante and Mick told me so!

Erica and Cassidy are the managers of Daredevil Café, located downstairs right here at the Innovation Hanger. I spent a few minutes speaking with them and their teams, who informed me that there are all sorts regulations regulating not only what temperatures any given fridge or cook surface must be, but also the logging of that information for compliance in the food service industry.

How it works

FLIRster is an application that works with the FLIRone Sensor for Andriod or IOS. The FLIRster app means you can take a standard picture or pano in a working area, thereby memorializing your time and temperature logs, condition of product, confirm handling standards, etc.

Challenges I ran into

Focusing on the platform was easy as the API is excellent. This lower level programming and error control provided by the API made accessing the product sensor data fast. The issues we faced were adjusting resolutions and pixel target mapping based on using the RGB pixel data aligned to the radiometric data. We were targeting the temperature data primarily.

We established a strong process for acquiring the images to make the data consistent data reuse. The enhanced data offered by the FLIR data streams needs to be explored further as it offers great features.

We tested our assumptions in a real world coffee shop during the hack. This interaction with our end users made us aware of the 'way' the end user will work with the tool to enable top notch audit ISO/NIST compatible data for time/location/temperature and most importantly - quality food safety.

Understanding that the workflow of when to use the sensor, and how the user will adopt this new powerful tool, proved to be the most important challenge for our team to solve.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Language Independent
  • Very Easy to Use and Understand
  • Real-World Use Case
  • Development of a product use-case that is viable now and could take market share over existing solutions
  • Replaces out-dated methods of doing the same work, with functionality in reporting and logging and comparison of data which is not currently available ## What I learned There is need and genuine excitement for the tool. Replacing existing methods was embraced by those we interviewed during this process! ## What's next for FLIRster We will finish the application. Begin to Market. Rock it.

Built With

  • ios/android-api-flirone-sensor
  • java
  • javasript
  • obective-c
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