As a rheumatoid arthritis patient, Juliet experienced regular symptom flareups in her joints resulting in inflammation, pain and stiffness. She initially tracked inflammation in a journal and then via an app. Her desire for a visual log is the inspiration for this project. We created the ThermTrack project to help people like Juliet monitor inflammation and better manage their health.

How it works

The individual inserts her hand into the the box. An image is automatically taken and then is sent to a website. The image depicts the hand and provides a temperature reading. It is anticipated that the person will use the box regularly.

Challenges I ran into

We realized that a person with limited mobility in the hands would have difficulty taking a picture of one hand while holding the phone in another hand. So after midnight on Saturday, we decided to switch from using the iPhone 6 and Flir, to using a raspberry pi and lepton.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We created a form factor that is simple and easy to use for someone with limited mobility.

What's next for ThermTrack

Further work on a more elegant form factor.

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