Uber for Dumb Phones

FlipTrip gives Uber access to those without smartphones. Using FlipTrip's simple SMS interface, now any phone can request an Uber!

Made at PennAppsXII


  • Clone the repo and run npm install
  • Copy config.sample.json to config.json and input the appropriate values
    • For the Uber API, you will have to request permission to use the request endpoint in order to order Ubers
  • In your Twilio control panel, configure a webhook to point a POST request to http://your.url/twilio_webhook
  • Run node app.js to start your server


  • Navigate to http://your.url/verify, and grant Uber permission
  • Text the number you configured hmu or send me an uber
  • Text in your location
  • Text in your destination
  • Await your Uber!
  • Text jk to cancel your Uber
  • Text ? for help

Note: you don't actually need a location and destination "address". Anything that would work if you typed it into Google Maps would work, like just Wells Fargo Center, PA or University of Pennsylvania.


This is in beta. Use at your own risk.


  • Clean code
  • Give updates via text about driver's location
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