We wanted to make a card game that you can win playing card style NFTs with an automatic buy back system. We wanted to create a system that buys back our NFTs with commissions and dispenses them as prizes. This feature will keep floor prizes rising regardless of pumping by holders.

What it does

"Flipsies" rewards users for being active and distributes NFTs to players who play the card game.

How we built it

On the platform, there is a separation of roles based on permissions - user and admin. Each role is identified during authorization by the wallet address. The admin sets commissions for NFT sales on the marketplace and analyzes statistics on all NFT sales. Flipsies is a 1x1 game with a bot according to the rules of Texas Hold’em, where a user has the opportunity to bet not only on the outcome of the hand, but also on the majority color of the flop(2/3 or more of black or red). A user will receive one NFT as a reward every 40-60 hands. NFTs are also available for sale on the marketplace. Flipsies also has Buy back functionality, which will support the rise of the floor, regardless of the “pumping” with holders, and an NFT staking feature that is boosted by the NFT’s rarity.

Challenges we ran into

-Certain nuances in working with TRON. -Script and upload NFT metadata to IPFS issues.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-The NFT collection consists of 7803 cards with original and unique designs, as well as various rarities and values. -Flipsies supports up to 1,500 concurrent users and plans to evolve to support up to 50,000 concurrent users. -Flipsies supports 12 international languages.

What we learned

-We have developed a platform through which users have the opportunity to win NFT while playing. -At different stages, we tested and checked all parts of the platform and checked its operability, logic and interaction of smart contracts, backend and frontend. -We realized that our platform can become promising in the development process and the idea can become great for all users.

What's next for

-We plan to scale our project and release new features that will help users use more functionality out. -Winnable traits. -NFT rental system. -Flipsies owns a 9 parcel estate on sandbox that we plan to develop a scavenger hunt poker style game on.

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