As a former-teacher, I designed the concept of Flipped Core for my students. Video is a powerful medium for engagement but it lacks the accountability to turn the passive viewing experience into an active learning one that helps students stay on track. Furthermore, though mobile devices are ubiquitous, desktops are significantly less common in the classroom. Our mobile app allows teachers to deliver to their students video that results in learning. The delivery experience includes time-embedded formative assessments, complete control over the viewing experience, and real-time tracking on answers and video statistics to inform teachers' lesson planning. I'm proud to be working with the non-profit LearnLaunch and the for-profit eduCanon to bring this free app to life with all of the experience and expertise of these two organizations. Though the core premise behind Flipped Core is based on the functionality of eduCanon (which is computers-only), we are building on that free product and the feedback from those 45,000 teachers using it and opening up functionality to the mobile student base that're currently lacking in video solutions for the classroom.

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