Finding the best electronic product is a difficult task especially when from a e-commerce website where you have to click each product, view it's specifications, discounts on to etc, etc.. and then find the best match. This is quite time consuming and requires much of your attention !

What it does

Flipkart Web Scrapper allows you to select the best TV or electronic item from Flipkart withing seconds from an Excel file stored in your PC.

How we built it

Built using BeautifulSoup and pandas

Challenges we ran into

Building a Web-Scrapper from scrath was a tough nut to crack especially when you have to search for the classes and ids of each div tag.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a Web Scrapper that can fetch details for anything from Flipkart just within seconds !! You can change the URL in the Code too if you want to search on other e-commerce Platforms such as Flipkart.

What we learned

Working with BeautifulSoup and pandas

What's next for Flipkart Web Scrapper

To change it into an Application using Flask

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