When a group of people want to determine the order of preferences of multiple items, it can be hard as humans struggle with the burden of choice. This scenario arises when friends want to decide where they should go for dinner, teachers ask for their students’ favourite topic, or content creators ask their audience what they should focus on next. The traditional solution to this problem is a poll that limits the audience to a select choice of options. However, the simultaneous presentation of all poll options actually pose more complicated preference making for the audience.

A poll eliminates the burden of choice by asking the audience to pick their favourite option, however this also exposes the weaknesses of a poll: a person can only select one option.

Flipic is the solution to this problem. The web application enables a Flipic survey of options to be created and shared for audiences to start swiping. The algorithm generates 2 items on each card sequentially for users to swipe for their favourite option. Flipic will amalgamate the binary choices of all users to create a preferential ranking of items. Flipic takes advantage of the same simplified thought mechanisms that are used for Optometry eye tests (1 or 2?) and Tinder (swipe left or right) to definitively rank user preferences from a list in an intuitive and convenient way.

We opted for a web application because it can be accessed easily from any device without any downloads. Flipic is built using a React front-end, a Node.js back-end, MongoDB database, as well as AWS hosting.

Throughout this process, each of us learned something new about building and delivering a product such as working with new technologies or project management techniques.

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