I was super interested to see if an AWS Graviton instance could run a WordPress site.

What it does

Serves pages via WordPress via an AWS Graviton instance so we use less power to deliver the same site.

How I built it

I launched a T4g instance and deployed WordPress with all its dependencies. I then migrated over all the content from the old site and ran a simple benchmark to compare the two.

Challenges I ran into

Surprisingly none. I have set up WordPress on x86 AWS Lightsail instances so I keep step-by-step instructions. I followed them exactly on the AWS Graviton instance and everything worked the same. Ubuntu, Apache, PHP, MySQL, and any other binaries needed to run a WordPress site are working well on Arm.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

My WordPress blog is now running on AWS Graviton so it's a little more green. 😀 I documented my WordPress deployment process for others to use here on GitHub:

What I learned

The binaries needed to run the most websites run just great on AWS Graviton. You don't need to do anything different to get WordPress running on Graviton and might even get a performance boost versus legacy hosting services.

What's next for Flip this WordPress!

I have a couple more WordPress sites ready to migrate. I will also be talking to the folks at work (Constellation Brands) about the potential to run our WordPress brand sites on Graviton as part of our sustainability efforts:

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