We inspired this game based upon the following video games: -Portal -The Impossible Game -Super Meat Boy -Antichamber _ Brainstorming _ During our brainstorming session, we eventually came to the conclusion that we will make a platformer. We suggested that this platform has a unique ability. In 10 minutes, we all came up with different abilities to use in a platformer to make it unique.

What it does

Flip is a platforming video game that uses mechanics such as:

-portals -gravity switching -doors and keys -spikes

Our goal was to create a game that is not made to be easy. Instead of making a game that is fun because it's easy, we wanted to make a game that is fun because it's rewarding when you complete a level.

How we built it

We used gamemaker to manually code the game. We started from scratch. We also used some youtube tutorials to help understand certain concepts.

Challenges we ran into

1 An original idea we has was that when you pressed Spacebar, your character's x axis would flip, gravity would flip, and whenever you jumped (this feature is not in the game right now), you would jump based upon the gravity that is present (if you're gravity is negative 1, you will jump downwards instead of upwards). The problem was, we did not know how to make a jump feature when gravity is upside down.


We tried to prevent spamming the spacebar button to fly in the air by disabling the spacebar button in an "if" statement. The problem was, we could not find the command to disable a button. So instead, we implemented the gravity switching and flying into the platformer.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Overall, we are all proud of the things we were able to do through gamemaker. Only 3 of us knew how to code and nobody knew how to use game maker studio. We are amazed by the things we were able to do through gamemaker that we thought were going to be impossible.

What we learned

Most of us did not know how to code, so we learned a lot. The people who did not know how to code learned a lot of coding techniques and learned what it means when people say, "You need to be good at Math to code."

What's next for Flip

The next step for Flip would be to create new concepts, such as teleportation, flowing lava, etc. Another goal is to challenge the player in different ways to make each puzzle different.

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