before a couple of weeks ago I wanted to go out and play some basketball with my friends. It was very hard and complicated to call every one, and even whatsapp was hard to use in this case. Then I thought about an app that present the list of all of the invited friends , and who of them is coming and not coming. In addition, when i was being invited to a party, i noticed that not everybody likes the food! Then I tought about the survey service! Each event will have his surveys, and by this way every participant can take part of the event food, music and more.

How it works

At the start, someone who become the manager of the event, make the event, give his name, invite people and choose a time and place. After that, Each invited friend can say if he will come or not, and chat with all of the other participants. The manager can make new votes for each catagory he wants, for example: food, games, time, place, a movie to watch and more. After the vote has ended, the result will be written at the general information, with all the other information about this event.

Challenges I ran into

One of our bigger challenges was the limit of time. Because that we took a big project, with a lot of subjects included within the app, we hardly succeeded in making the application in time. I'm very proud of my team for completing our app in time! Other problems we ran into throughout the hackathon were compatibility issues (at the start, we used the language swift 2, which got published into beta only few days ago), fatigue (not need an explaination...) and much more along the way...

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Accomplishment that we are very proud of is that most of us are very new in this field. Each team mate was brave enough to give a chance to each other and this is an advantage in our team.

What I learned

We have learned many things along the competition. From how to learn by my self, to how to work in a team, and see and accept that everyone can have his fall, and it's OK. More things that we learned is how to manage our time, that we can be consulted by other people, that it is importent to make the app, but the way we do it is more importent. I'm sure that each one of us is grateful for participating in this hackathon, and we look foward to next year!

What's next for Flingo

After the hackathon, we want to continue to develop Flingo, and publish it into the AppStore. next, we would like to publish it in even more operating systems, like Android, Web, Windows, Mac AppStore and more, so that everyone could create events with their friends!

Thank you so much, The producers of Flingo

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