We've all spent far too many flights bored with nothing to do, and landed feeling groggy and like the whole time was wasted. If it is an international flight, you land as just another foreigner and have to forgo many unique experiences due to the language barrier.

What it does

When you are flying to another country, will you feel bored due to the long-haul flight and worry about potential language issues? Fling is a great solution for both problems!

After you book an international flight through Expedia, Fling will offer a language course that matches your destination country and the length of your international flight. It can notify you of your impending boredom again right before the flight in case you didn't download it earlier.

When you are on the plane, you will get a basic crash course based on the length of your flight. By the time you land, you'll be able to get around without full reliance on a guides, and skip watching your neighbor's screen without audio for the whole flight.

In the event there is a delay or layover, Fling dynamically adjusts to provide more targeted language content.

It also can be operated by those with visual impairment or full blindness through audio cues and mouse clicks. These passengers will find that they were able to learn through their headphones and still get the full immersive experience Fling provides.

Upon successful arrival, Fling suggests fun places to visit based on the Expedia ThingsToDo API, so that you can emerge into your destination with new language skills under your belt and an exciting journey ahead. The traveler will remember Fling and Expedia as a core part of their entire journey and experience, instead of just the site that makes it possible.

Fling works on desktop and mobile, so you can learn no matter what device you happen to be carrying.

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