You are the product of a series of decisions.

My name is Freddie Iboy, this is Alec Garcia and we are passionate about solving 1 simple problem.

“What should we eat today?”

We would spend so much time just trying to figure how to answer that question. We would search through Spoon Rocket, Sprig, Seamless, or we would just give up and go to Whole Foods. Listen, I know this sounds like a really stupid problem to tackle compared to the problems of the rest of the world and that’s why it’s hard to actually pinpoint the core problem: lots of options paradoxically produce paralysis. We want to solve the paradox of choice: with so many options available to us, it's difficult to make a decision. And we start with food.

We push you forward by showing you 3 simple images of foods that you may want to eat.(Curated from your likes, retweets, and your location.) And we call it fliiip.


fliiip is simple and we honestly hope that it will make an impact in peoples lives. It’s the small decisions day by day that will make the difference in peoples lives. You are the product of a series of decisions.

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