FlightYogurt is a YO app to watch your flight price 24/7 before your booking for free. Once the $ drops below your setting you will get YO ’d!


In the past September two weeks before my trip from Boston to San Francisco, I was searching a cheap flight for that. Luckily enough, I found a flight which was around $80 cheaper than the one I found the day before. Woohoo, I got a BOS-SFO roundtrip for just 288 bucks! So I was wondering if there is some tool can help people automatically check the fares without tedious typing and refreshing.

My final RT ticket from BOS to SFO

Also I had been told by a friend who works at a local travel agency in Boston that the travel agencies have a special channel to access cheaper tickets since they have a direct contract with the airlines. And they can hold the tickets without paying until the last few days. So once could hand off their holding cheap tickets, we could find a cheaper tickets on the OTAs, like priceline and expedia. This is a case especially for international tickets.

So here we go. For your upcoming holiday tickets, you can try to use FlightYogurt to watch them.

Target User

Travelers and cheap flight hunter.

Key Features

  1. Intuitive UI/UX design for mobile
  2. Powerful flight search widget
  3. Easy for peole to check their watching list with a few taps
  4. Visualization of the fare changes

How to use it

  1. Open your YO app
  2. Send a YO to FLIGHTYOGURT

For more, please visiting the project websit For questions, please ask me @haohmobile

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