FlighTour is an iOS app inspired by Adam Circle's flight to Tree Hacks. The 6-hour flight consisted of educational videos and monotonous clouds. As Adam decided to take a break from his studies, he looked out the window and received a pleasant surprise. The view was no longer clouds upon clouds but rather a breathtaking view of a windmill farm. Hundreds of windmills rotating simultaneously. Adam claims to have almost missed the beautiful sight of the rotating wonders if he had looked a few seconds later. The world is full of wonders, some of which we miss sometimes. But fear no more! FlighTour was created for just that reason, in hope of seeing the marvelous sights mother nature provides us. It is with great honor that we present to you the first ever app with the goal of bringing our beloved world back to us before cell phones were invented, before technology began to consume our everyday lives. Welcome aboard, with FlighTour you can endure long flights and be sure to experience breathtaking views just like Adam Circle himself.

What it does

FlighTour is designed for plane travelers to create a more enjoyable flight for them. Once installed on a device that supports iOS, FlighTour requires the traveler to input their origin and destination location followed by their origin and destination time. Once the information is gathered FlighTour will return a list of landmarks that it will fly over. At the point in time where the plane is directly above the landmark, it will notify the flyer with time so that they are able to look out the window and experience the marvels of nature.

Challenges we ran into

We had a great deal of difficulty in using iOS because neither of us had any prior experience in iOS. Our team consisted of two, one with advanced python experience and the other only a beginner. Using XCode was challenging not only because it was really slow but the syntax was different to what we know. In addition, we implemented Google maps API, another program we weren't familiar with prior to the hackathon.

What's next for FlighTour

FlighTour will help travelers maximize their experience on a plane. In the future, we can implement an option where the landscapes are displayed with boxes so that the traveler can pick and choose. By offering this choice they will be able to decide which sights they would like to be notified to look out their window. We also hope to implement more options for the user so it can be more flexible by allowing them to choose the radius around the plane for the landscapes they would like to receive notifications for.

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