In January 1990, Avianca Flight 52 from Bogota, Colombia, to New York City, ran out of fuel on approach to John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), causing the Boeing 707 aircraft to crash in a wooded residential area in Cove Neck, New York, on the north shore of Long Island. Eight of the nine crew members and 65 of the 149 passengers on board died. This could've been easily prevented by simply removing the language barrier between the ATC and the pilot.

What it does

Basically, using the Google Translate API, messages would be translated in real time when sent from user to user.

How we built it

The front end was built using Vue.JS and our back end is using Node.JS, MongoDB, and our servers is being run with ngrock.

Challenges we ran into

We didn't really run into many problems during the main development stage, most of our issues was picking the proper database and backend.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to get the translations in real time so it's beautiful how the Google Translate API can actually run those live translations.

What we learned

We learned the uses of our API, as well as choosing the best database for software like this. The whole experience taught us how to solve issues we didn't even know we'd have the chance to run into.

What's next for PlaneText?

We can use what we learned about live translations from Google Translate and hopefully expand the use of this software into many more industries.

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