We wanted to develop a product that would utilize data in some way to make predictive analysis. After much effort to learn new development platforms and taking on the challenges to solve the problems, we were able to get the bakcned functioning.

What it does

The application prompts the user for a departure city or airport, and a destination airport or city which will then provide the user information about delays of airlines flying the route currently. This will enable people to make good "timely" decisions on their flight purchases.

How I built it

We built the backend through Node.js, and the front end through Angular. There is also a backend connection with Wolfram Alpha API to provide us with flight data. We also utilized jquery on the front end!

What I learned

Our team learned a lot about tackling hard problems, and developing a better understanding of APIs. We also learned how to find small bugs which ended taking us hours to debug. The learning experience was great.

What's next for flightHelp

Our team will continue to develop the product to provide a whole set of predictive analysis based on current and past events. We aim to create a mobile application to provide flyers with better tools for managing their busy itineraries.

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