With the recent improvements in conversational AI and availability of products like Amazon echo, we thought it will be good if we have something that helps in some of our day-to-day tasks. Got to know about Amadeus API at the same time and fortunately we got our newly ordered echo with us to calhacks. We developed present application, Flight Finder.

What it does

It will help to search for flights given a specific destination.

How I built it

Using alexa skills kit of amazon and API's provided by Amadeus.

Challenges I ran into

We did such kind of voice assistant for the first time. And we are new to nodejs as well. Everything was new. Getting to understand the way it works and write some instructions in Javascript to bring it up. Also workshop on nodejs helped us in this process.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Able to make something that interacts with humans via voice.

What I learned

A little about lot. Alexa services, architecture, how it works, writing instructions. Also the fundamentals of javascript, i.e it is a event driven and asynchronous, a little about closure.

What's next for flight_finder

If Amadeus comes up with http post REST API's, one can book his tickets by giving voice commands to Alexa and various other functionalities like helping to plan one-way or round trip travel, book my hotels and taxi in advance etc. If more intelligence is added, alexa can give suggestions on best round trip deals considering all factors like travelling, staying and getting around place in to account.

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