More and more people start to use cryptocurrencies as a means of paying for everyday needs.

Rising amount of people getting scammed and their private keys stolen via desktop and mobile applications, browser extensions, js injections, etc. scam code which will parse your whole disk to find a trail of crypt private keys can be anywhere nowadays - like in any new cool game, everyone is hyped for at Appstore.

Easier to keep track of your private keys and use them at different platforms. No need to copy them somewhere or manually rewrite them by hand, you only need to place your signature on transactithe ons generated for you at our "flightwallet.terminal".

What it does

Our solution consists of two parts: terminal and mobile app.

Terminal part

It lets you create a transaction so you could sign it with our app. You can specify the currency to accept, the destination address and the amount to receive.

Mobile app part

It works like a simple cold wallet but lets you sign transactions without an internet access. That will require some additional information, that should be received from a terminal.

Our presentation.


App workflow

  • Generates addresses for popular blockchains (like Bitcoin and Ethereum). A user can insert his own private keys.
  • In order to send signed transaction, the mobile app should know some details about the outside world. To retrieve them, a terminal needs to know the address of a mobile app user, that is shared via QR code.
  • The terminal sends via QR code information about the invoice. The app user verifies it and the app itself sign the transaction.
  • The data of signed transaction will be sent to the terminal via QR code too.

Terminal workflow

  • User chooses which currency and the amount to accept
  • User add the destination address
  • Waits to receive the data from a mobile app and returns the invoice data.
  • Receive the signed transaction and send it to the blockchain.

How we built it

We've made a static frontend-only web page for creating transactions and sending signed transactions into blockchain network (terminal). We've also made an iOS and Android (just started) apps for signing transactions and keeping private keys encrypted.

It's open source and fully transparent so our users know that we are at their side.

Challenges we ran into

  • There is a lack of good libs to work with Bitcoin for iOS and Android so we had to manually fix them a bit. We have tried almost all of them and nothing works.
  • Developing at a fast pace because the first 24 hours of hackathon were spent at solving CTF track (that actually ends very suddenly).
  • Lack of expertise in mobile development.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We've tried to get MVP ready by 5 hours into the process.

What's next for flight-wallet

  • Android app
  • A better website for invoice generation (design at least)
  • More cryptocurrencies.
  • Importing wallets in-app by private keys.
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