We love flying and looking outside the window, but we never know which side to pick

What it does

It gathers gps coordinates of the same flight but on previous days, creates a mean flight path, finds out where points of interests are relative to the airplane and answers the question: which side to sit?

How we built it

node-js, flightaware API, yelp API, google places API

Challenges we ran into

Computing the average flight path and refining information about points of interests

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Working as a team and the idea!

What we learned

Flightaware APIs, furthered knowledge in NodeJs (for two of us learning nodejs), asynchronous data manipulation ,and using OAuth for API queries.

What's next for Flight Seat Advisor

Use social media and perform sentiment analysis on user's liked photos to figure out what the user likes and use that information to provide a more intimate answer

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