My work requires a lot of flying, to San Francisco, to New York and to the Far East, but most of the times by myself. I find myself spending a great deal of time at the airport, waiting for flight. I thought it would be fun to find uber rides to go to the airport together, or go to my destination with someone from the flight.

What it does

It is an app that runs on a mobile phone, primarily an iPhone. A user does not need to create an account or password. They just need to provide their record locator number and their last name. The app would connect with the Xapix server to fetch the flight info as mocked data. The app is for travelers on the same flight to find other travelers who opt in and are interested in sharing information or rides.

Travelers can opt in to provide the following information to share with fellow flight travelers:

  • Trip purpose
  • Cities they're familiar with
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Destination
  • Uber ride share at departure city
  • Uber ride share at destination city
  • Show gender

Travelers can check on a variety of topics, including

  • Airline Announcements
  • Airport Security Lines
  • Their destination cities

How I built it

It was built using Ionic Platform using Angular.js, so that it works on these platforms:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Web

Challenges I ran into

Understanding and using Xapix API. Thanks to your online examples and help from Oliver, I resolved the problems I ran into.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Having built a working iOS app end-to-end, for both frontend and backend, that works on different platforms, that talks with the Air Berlin Xapix backend for authentication and traveler information. The app is fully featured and on the iPhone can utilize the camera to take a picture, or use photos from library, can send an email (only from iOS app, not available from the web link).

The app allows the passenger to search on a variety of topics and fields.

What I learned

One can use Ionic to build an app that feels like a native iOS app.

The app is like a Slack channel for passengers of the same flight, but provides a platform and richer experience to allow searching on various opt-in topics.

What's next for Flight Pal

Integrate with Xapix backend further, and also try to help business travelers to solve problems of rescheduling their flights due to late, cancellation or unexpected event.

Make the UI even more intuitive and wizard-driven. Visualize using a sitting map of travelers in the aircraft.

Please note the link in Try it out is the web app. Some of the iOS native features are unavailable in the web app.

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