• We wanted to make the transition of a passenger into a new city smoother, while also enticing companies to promote American Airlines!
  • Our initial idea was to create a website since all of us had some experience in website building. But after discussing with the AA team, we decided to create a IOS and Android application since the majority public prefer to use an app over a website.

What it does

  • It allows passengers to view trending twitter hashtags.
  • It show popular places to eat and explore hotels at their destination.

How we built it

  • Flutter to be able to create the IOS and Android application
  • Google api to grab food places near your destination
  • Twitter api to grab trending hashtags at your location
  • MongoDB to store the information we receive from companies
  • Weather api to check the weather

Challenges we ran into

  • Flutter was new to all of us.
  • Local database would not connect with our emulator.
  • UI/UX issues
  • not enough snacks at hackathon
  • api calls would not work at first

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We all learned some flutter and successfully connected it with MongoDB.
  • We focused more on learning than getting a hardcoded project out

What we learned

  • Flutter is way better than react native
  • how to connect mongodb to applications
  • sql vs nosql
  • UI patterns

What's next for Destination Connection

  • Check weather condition before flight. So if you are worried about missing your flight due to weather, we will warn you.
  • Implement twillio api to give also text messages

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