Developed on Ionic Framework and AngularJs.

Flight-Assistant is a MEAN stack application that can be build into a Mobile Application for Android, iOS and windows platform. It is build using Ionic and Cordova platform for the ease of flight passengers to get the latest updates of their flights and other helpful information.

It includes a list of features:

⁃Search flight details with all the information like departure and arrival time.

⁃Delay in flight and gate number of the airport from which flight is departing.

⁃Add their flight in their history portal.

⁃An interactive google map is shown from the destination to the arrival city.

⁃See the weather condition of the nearby places as well as arrival and departure airport.

⁃Search nearby place like fun spots, restaurants, hotels, bars etc. near arrival airpot.

⁃Share cab from airport to the destination with their co-passengers.

Backend Of Flight Viewer


Simple Login

Check your flight status and other information on just a tap

Add your flight to the history section

Get nearby places

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