Isn't it boring when out of curiosity you try to search for flights, and you have to go through a browser and close all those adds and pop-ups?

Well... We might have found a better solution. So, all you have to do is scan a QR Code once and you will add your virtual assistant as a contact on Whatsapp, and ask about flights (Departure, Destination, Date). The virtual assistant will let you know about the results in a second and if you want to know more details, you just have to follow the link that is attached.

To build this, we used Twilio's Contact Center Platform to create a Virtual Assistant and then link it directly with Whatsapp so we could get the information that the user enters and use it to get information from Skyscanner's API about flights. We used Whatssap since its one of the most popular social media platforms and almost everyone has it, so its easy accessible and has a very friendly/simple user interface.

This project was very challenging because both the platform Twilio and using APIs were new to us. In the end we are proud that we managed to have a functional program regarding a Flight Assistant manager.

In the future we might further develop the program by covering all corner-cases and adding more interesting features to it.

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