I built this app to understand how does the Amazon Alexa VA skills work. Additionally building this skill also gave me an opportunity to explore AWS. I got a feedback about existing movie rating services on Alexa did not work for someone hence thought of building it.

What it does

When user says something like below, user will get the movie rating obtained from API.

  • "how is {movie}",
  • "tell me rating of {movie} ",
  • "what is the rating of {movie} ",
    • "get me {movie} rating"

How I built it

Once the appropriate utterance is made to Alexa, it uses the backend service built using NodeJS on Amazon Webservices platform. The Lambda function hosted on AWS uses REST API to obtain the movie rating.

Challenges I ran into

  • Running the Lambda function in AWS
  • Testing the supporting Lambda function within AWS.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Successful completion of one Alexa App

What I learned

  • Node JS
  • AWS Lambda

What's next for FlickRater

Adding more capabilities like

  • Making showtimes available to the user based on the location
  • Booking services
  • Help user find similar movies
  • Endless possibilities

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