Flicklist cuts through the noise (the problem) to find the best films to watch with your friends, based on the opinions of those you trust. It helps you discover, share, remember and socialize around films through any platform – whether or not they are available in theaters, at festivals, online or in the home. Far more than just a universal queue, Flicklist's strong social components help you to easily create many social activities around films including inviting others to join you, curating lists of films and following the recommendations of experts who are uniquely right for you, whether those experts are your friends, or just critics, filmmakers, or intriguing people – like some celebrities.

Flicklist disrupts the system of scarcity and control of the entertainment industry. Audiences can now find, track and watch the films they want, when they want, across all devices and platforms. Flicklist also rewards users with points, redeemable for movie tickets, coupons and other deals. This establishes a business model based on sponsorships and marketing promotions.

The US is the top movie consumption market in the world, yet it only accounts for 1% of the movies consumed per year - over 50,000 produced annually; 500 films are screened in the USA, with just 125 of those being Hollywood product; 1.3 Billion movie tickets were sold in US in 2011; there are 25 Million+ Netflix Subscribers; 50 Million+ Flixster Users; 7 Million GoodReads Users; and 64% of GoodReads users find books from friendʼs online recommendations. We believe there is great room for growth in movie recommendation.

Competitors: Flixster, Seenth.at, Gowatchit, Letterboxd, Movr, Flickd. None of these services are tied to the notion of trust, which is what shapes real world behavior on picking films to watch. Flicklist is also mobile, easy to use, offers mutual recommendations (what a group wants to see), is location based, has superior data integration and offers a unique drag/ drop interface for addictive film search and discovery.

Business Model: Flicklist has five revenue streams. Affiliate fee revenue from sales platforms; Advertising for film marketing; Sponsorship to promote daily deals and special offers; Premium upgrades for special interest guides; and Data based target marketing, such as targeted film marketing to aggregated audiences.

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