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flick = flask + click
Time for some Pizza!

📖 About

Tired from working a lot on your terminal? Feeling hungry?
Now you can order a Pizza on the fly, directly through your command line using flick! flick is the combination of a CLI application that interacts with a web server with information about various pizza joints and their menu. Your Pizza is just a command away. (Note: This is just a mock-up for now, and doesn't actually order a pizza)

🔌 Technologies Used

  • flask: Powers the webserver that serves the joints' info, their data and receives orders
  • $ click_: Heart of the Command-Line client that the user interacts with

How it works:

The flask webserver hosts an API which is used to interact with the CLI client. It sends and receives data in JSON format and the click powered CLI client parses them to give the desired output. There's dummy data hosted on the webserver to see it in action. The user can run various commands directly through their terminal, with a bunch of optional arguments and flags.

🙋 Team

🧳 Our Journey

None of us had previously used click or flask, so making this project was an awesome learning experience for all of us. With some online tutorials, documentations and lots of StackOverflow posts, we were able to create a flask server and connect it with the CLI application using click. These past couple of days, we learned to send and receive POST and GET requests through flask, write commands through click, interpret them using cool Python features, and we even learned about international differences in pizza joints :)

👨‍💻 Development Setup / Installation

See our Setup guide on GitHub!

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