The idea for FlexTogether stemmed from Benji Rostoker’s experience exercising with his Grandmother over Facetime. Seeing an opportunity to simplify the video chat experience, and ensure the exercises were safe and fun for older adults, Benji and Emily Mischel embraced designing and building a new solution. With FlexTogether, exercise can now bring people together and create shared experiences--even during the Covid crisis.

What it does

FlexTogether enables older adults to feel the social connection of a fitness class, online and in their own home. The online platform combines pre-recorded fitness instruction with a video-chat among friends and family. FlexTogether fitness classes are taught by highly qualified instructors - the majority of which are older adults themselves.

How we built it

By combining the founder’s technical and media experience and key partnerships with older adult organizations.

Challenges we ran into

Widespread misconceptions around older adult lack of technology use. Post-Covid, the inability to record instructors in a film studio.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Encouraging 700+ users to exercise MVP and Beta Builds Partnering with the AARP Foundation’s Innovation Pipeline. Winning 2 pitch competitions

What we learned

Great conversations come from great experiences. Our role as a service is to create shared experiences that are the catalyst for great conversations.

What's next for FlexTogether

Collecting data through a public Beta. Expanding fitness class library Exploring pricing and revenue models.

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