We're stuck in city traffic just like you. We're neighbors concerned about parking shortages, and the gauntlet of traffic in urban cores across America. A car spends 95% of its life parked. With more and more cars on the road each year demand for parking is growing, while public parking supply is shrinking.

Communities and businesses in urban areas need better solutions, and soon. On-street parking supply is dwindling and the public is fed up with large parking lots and garages. We've had an answer all along. There are tens of thousands of underutilized small lots across America. These lots hold hundreds of thousands of spaces, many of them in urban centers where parking supply is becoming critically short. What's been missing has an application that facilitates sharing with a user-friendly experience and properly aligned incentives.

Flexspot accomplishes all of this and more. It offers geo-tagged listings shown in real time, with an inventory management system that is scalable to lots of any size. The booking process is simple and fast, and controllable down to the hour -- for maximum space utilization. Owners of small private lots are able to advertize and monetize their parking supply, cheaply and efficiently.

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