Based on implementing a token based on the same economics and incentives as the Ampleforth token

What it does

It includes the token, that can be transferred, exchanged on swapr, users can provide liquidity on swapr, can trigger the daily rebase, and earn rewards by providing liquidity on swapr and staking their liquidity token on the Geyser. Private key required to submit data to the Oracle.

How I built it

hmm, 1 line at a time, while listening in to #futureproof... Explosive combination if you ask me!

Challenges I ran into

See Gotchas section

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Finishing with less than 2 hours to spare? Glad for the extended deadline.

What I learned

You don't need ft-token to implement a token in Clarity, and the economics and math are fascinating! The gotchas section also includes a few suggestions on how to improve the Clarity JS SDK, or Clarity itself.

What's next for flexr

Mainnet! With lots more testing...

Built With

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