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CoFlex helps monitoring people outings during the Coronavirus Crisis. For individuals, the mobile application provides area personalised contagion risk assessment and equipment measures, to make informed choices on where and when going out is possible. Planned mobility request and their subsequent authorization helps government handle the unlocking down of the Covid-19 crisis. The chosen solutions are : displaying a map with clearly delimited areas for which a contagion risk is calculated as a combination of several parameters, namely : Covid-19 incidence in the country/states/city considered population density of the area prior factors such as the type of area (i.e. hospital, commercial center…) the map is adapted to the subject profile (i.e. if he.she is more likely to be contaminated by the virus due to specific physical condition, etc…). Hence, the user would have to fill a form concerning his profile at his/her first connexion to the app. for regions with low or moderate risk, the application indicates to the users what equipments to wear if they want to go there a user has to indicate one day ahead the regions where he/she wants to go, and provide pictures of his/her equipment. An image processing backend would check if the equipments match the requirements of the area. Provided they do, an attestation is delivered to the user, indicate that he/she can go to the specified area, wearing the specific equipment. for a given area, a maximum number of persons would be allowed to go. Hence, if the number of people indicating to go to a given area reaches this maximum, tha application stop delivering the attestations. Information about people having indicated to go to an area would be used to make predictive models of the population density. the attestations generated by the application would act as extra outings rights (in addition to the standard ones implemented by the government) and could be controlled by public agent via a QRCode, which gives the agent information about where the person is going, when was it planned and what equipment should be worn.

PROGRESS: The five members of the team have assigned task, all gathered on the collaborative task management tool TRELLO, which helps keeping track of the evolution of each tasks and their associated priority. Thomas creates the visuals (logo, app design, design of the internal data workflow in the app…), Julien is in charge of the app development on Android, and helps Thomas on the prototype. Anne is assigned the business plan, commercial part of the project. Valentin handles both legal feasibility of the project, and review technical information on mask features. Sam find technical information on protective equipment and their ISO norm.

PROBLEMS : Technical questions on: get the data of localisation

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