Flex-Live Monitor System is a hardware system that allows mobile, wireless biological signal tracking. By making medical monitoring technology affordable and convenient enough for home use, our system offers the ability to remotely track bio-signals for patients with medical concerns and people prone to accidents or injuries that require ongoing observation, as well as those who are simply health-conscious. We are able to provide this service by utilizing a low cost, miniature bio-sensor that can track motion, posture, ECG (or EEG, EMG). The sensor devices are available via our technology partner, OP Innovations, that creates open source DIY biosignal sensor kits (similar to the Arduino electronics platform). Each DIY kit, called TrueSense, includes a lightweight (3g) sensor capable of wirelessly transmitting data for up to 24 hours or recording them for 11+ hours that can then be transferred to a computer via USB. Our system implementation of these sensors includes configurable automated alerts, scheduled reviews, and signal analyses to help users make the most of their bio-signals.

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