The multi-dimensional complexity the COVID situation has brought impacting the world globally. It has hit states and nations in many fronts - health, financial and mental health and general confidence.

In the initial stages, the challenge was equipments and supplies which is slowly improving. But from day 1, the accessibility and safety of testing has been and continues to be a challenge.

There has been mistrust and inadequacies in centralized systems reported in many countries in many aspects including transparency and integrity in reporting of covid related impact numbers, adequacy of testing, tracking provenance of testing including quality of test kits, and time lags in reporting of results due to technology and process limitations of existing enterprise systems.

The emerging technologies in blockchains and AI for patient-initiated platform for testing that enhances safety for everyone ( patients , doctors, other patients ), provenance for non-repudiation, re-imbursement and a privacy-protected pass for businesses and communities for overall safety.

What it does

FlexiTestPort is a platform that

For consumers, provides options for At-Home testing

             At Home collection and Execution at the Lab
             At Home collection and Execution at home 

                    based on providers providing instructions over tele-test to perform the sample collection and infer 
                    the results.

                    increases the safety for the patients by considerably reducing infection risk.

                    standards - FHIR based interface for patient mediated data transfer

For the Providers ( Doctors / Labs )

            A tele-test platform for covid related testing

                    increases doctor/ healthworker safety

                    helps reduce the chances of infection and helps them with patient base confidence and 
                    overall patient appointments

                   provenance for their tele - test activities in the recently changing regulatory environment with new rules
                   around tele health including audit, re-imbursements

                   a more robust system of security for off-chain test data storage in IPFSvand location pointer 
                   transactions on-chain

                   a way to quickly share results with patients and potential immunity certificate passes

                   provenance for test-kits and for recalls should there be a need if there are inconsistencies in test kit 
                   accuracies, as the testing still matures

For a verifier - checker role < An abstract role - could be employers , event planners, community groups, law enforcement, small business owners>

                     a patient / consumer initiated privacy-protected mechanism that is secured by minimalistic data 

                     data minimalized data aggregation minimizing chances for re-identification

How I built it

             by leveraging decentralization based technologies including IPFS, the ethereum blockchain to prove 
             existence of key data and metadata across organizations for an audit-ready yet privacy protected designs 
             based on the ethereum stack 

             by leveraging DID specifications and components, secure distributed file storage systems

             by incorporating Zero knowledge proofs for minimalistic proof sharing

             by designing to FHIR API standards ( Encounter, Observation, Patient, Provider resources etc ) for
             patient mediated interoperable data transfer

             by researching in to the FDA EURs, CLIA standards and recent government policy decisions

Challenges I ran into

             tracking the labs that are working on At-Home testing

             understanding the healthcare regulatory framework (and yet there are the new opportunities after covid 19)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

    quick clinical validations working with many doctors, and academic institutions that are working 
    on covid testing

    quick implementation of privacy-protection features 

    learning and mentoring

What I learned

     the realization that re-opening of the economy and wide- spread high scale SAFE testing are 2 sides of the
     same coin

     there is considerable interest from employers and small businesses and could increase as testing maturity and 
     understanding of the disease and the antibodies keep increasing

     people are realizing the use of tele-health and the demand is likely to increase, but the security , auditability 
     infrastructure needs to improve. 

What's next for FlexiTestPort

    continue to partner with labs

    continue business development - employers, small businesses, local governments

    further functional enhancements and standards FHIR based integrations

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