With the development of wearable technologies, patients and doctors rely on a variety of sensors to monitor daily activities and reduce health risks. However, the comfort and convenience of these devices are limited by their rigidity and battery life. The goal of this project is to develop a stretchable and wearable sensor platform for nonstop biometric monitoring of high-risk patients. Wireless charging is designed to charge the sensor on the patient’s body while sleeping. Flexible circuitry is fabricated with minimal sized rigid components and liquid metal wiring in the silicon substrate. Biometric abnormalities are sent via Bluetooth to a phone and cloud server to alert doctors in real-time.

Inefficiency in inpatient data systems and time gap in outpatient monitoring causes more than 60000 death annually due to failure to rescue. A 24/7 wearable monitoring system can save lives and alleviate nurses burden by alerting care givers wirelessly. While we prototyped a sensor platform, we chose temperature sensor as a proof of concept. Fever is one of the leading causes of death in pediatric patients. Currently, doctors rely on parents to take temperature measurements for their kids every hour using a thermometer and record the readings in a journal. However, parents often fail to do so and thus are unable to notice abnormalities, causing late diagnosis and treatment. A wearable thermometer alleviates the burden on caregivers and provides accurate recordings across a long time span.

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