Managers throw their to-do's and reminders at their secretaries and ask back for it. Can current technology afford to create (potentially limited) assistant of that sort? I believe so. The improved efficiency of natural language parsers and the advent of Alexa makes the time right to bring these techs together in an attempt to create a new way of managing to-do's through voice and natural language. Add my long standing fascination and fiddling with natural language applications, and this project was born.

What it does

FlexiMinder is a flexible reminder, a sophisticated custodian of your TODO's and forgettables, that provides you with a natural way to say and to ask back for them (in English). Check this:

You: Alexa, tell Fleximinder Bill's birthday is on Apr 23rd. Fleximinder: Bill's birthday is on Apr 23. Noted. [This is to confirm correct interpretation] You: When is Bill's birthday? Fleximinder: It is on Apr 23

How I built it

Input from Alexa is sent to a natural language parser. The parse result is analyzed to extract meaning in some form. The representation of the original input is then stored in a database or, if it were a question, it will result in a query against same database.

Challenges I ran into

Extracting meaning from the parse result, storing it and querying it much easier imagined than done. Unfortunately, in spite of a lot of effort, a very small subset of English sentences are recognized.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It kind of works!

What I learned

Introduction to current parsers, lots of English grammar and a hands-on experience with Docker containers

Current Status

Being submitted for certification

What's next for FlexiMinder

To allow more relaxed expressions.

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