Millions of people today with disabilities and various mobility restrictions, such as the elderly, have a hard time finding exercises tailored to their needs. Often, they have to resort to hiring expensive personal trainers or therapists to remain active and conscious to their medical conditions.

What it does

Our app tailors exercise routines based on the needs of senior citizens and those with disabilities. When users open the app, they take a mobility test so the app can find various muscle groups and areas for the person to work on. Whether they want to rehabilitate or simply avoid using that muscle group, we can find specific exercises for them to work on. This could help people with disabilities or even users with specific problems such as arthritis in parts of their body. Overall, our app allows our users to save money by avoiding a physical therapist and the embarrassment felt by senior citizens going to the gym by working on exercises in their home.

How I built it

We created the User Interface using the website fluidUI, our logo and app icon in Canva, mobility test in Google Forms, and presentation in Google Sheets.

Challenges I ran into

Our challenges were finding a good website to make the User Interface and how to create a good mobility test to accurately measure various parts of the body.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The UI in fluidUI looks neat and clean for the first time creating a UI, we worked well as a team, and we were able to incorporate all of our ideas into one app.

What I learned

How to create a User Interface, how to manage our time, and how to brainstorm effectively.

What's next for Flexercize

We're thinking of adding fingerprint sign in or iris scanner sign in so that people with disabilities that have trouble typing or the elderly who have trouble remembering passwords would be able to sign into their app easily and securely. We could also add audio assisted reading for those who have bad eyesight or trouble reading. Lastly, we were going to add a buddy system so that people could workout together and encourage each other.

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