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FlexCore is the first shirt of its kind, as it was designed to protect your body and enhance your workouts from rep to rep. The FlexCore hardware and software open the possibilities for new methods of physical training and therapy.


We provide a hardware and software kit for developing your body and building tools for yourself and others.

The FlexCore MarcVI is a comfortable workout shirt with built in sensors and lights that users can wear. The sensors are detachable and the entire wiring system can be removed for washing.

The FlexCore Gym app allows you track your activity between reps at the gym. The app provides you with feedback on your form between reps to help you correct any mistakes you may be making. In addition, the app keeps track of your daily and weekly number of reps along with other health statistics such as your calories burned, current temperature and active heart rate.

The FlexCore FlexTools is a set of Open Source software tools for building custom motions depending on your activity. The app we developed is an exercise app with several pre-defined activities such as bicep curls and pushups, but using our tools, users can define their own activities such as basketball shooting or football throwing. Get that tight spiral!


We wanted to look like Iron Man.

We have never built an app using iOS before, and there is minimal arduino experience between the 4 of us.

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