We are inspired by the Credit Suisse challenge that encouraged to envision the future of banking. An issue affecting international students and travellers is the nightmare to exchange currency. The process is not always transparent and you always walk out with the sensation that you could get a better exchange if you have waited for a few days.

What it does

An online banking application to facilitate the process of buying and selling currencies. Aimed to improve the user experience and the transparency behind a traditionally sealed process. The client has the option to enter the date he/she requires the new currency and the application will recommend whether the client should exert the purchase now or in the future by carrying out sentiment analysis based on news related to the customer pair.

How we built it

The back end server was built using Python and the front end deployed using Ionic.

Challenges we ran into

Refining our idea into a realistically achievable format within the hackathon whilst not losing the essence of what we aim to do which is to provide an improved service to the user.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

To have a working model ready to showcase our idea to the public.

What we learned

To cooperate in a small group of people with diverse backgrounds under timed conditions.

What's next for Flexchange

To integrate the news scraping algorithm and the sentiment analysis with the app.

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