pearl hacks 2019

Find Your Flex is an iOS App created with Swift and Xcode to help women and non-binary people find workout buddies near them! Users can view other users and see their interests and activity levels and “flex” (message) them to plan workouts together. It's designed to help combat the feeling of intimidation at the gym that causes so many people to skip workouts, and it also promotes safety during outdoor workouts (e.g. no running alone) and helps increase the overall health of a community by making fitness social and positive. We used the Google Sign-In API but still had some bugs so unfortunately we will not be able to present that part. If we had more time this weekend, we would incorporate the code for the Bandwidth API to support our messaging, and we would implement our events page using the Google Calendar API. Finally, we would utilize the Google Maps API to actually allow users to geolocate other users.

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