After I began working from home due to quarantine, I realized that I was moving a lot less than before. Consequently, I had more discomfort from hunching over a computer 8 hours a day. This app is meant to make users more mindful of their posture and their activity (or lack thereof).

What it does

This mobile app runs like a Pomodoro timer alongside your workday. Every twenty minutes, it encourages the user to do a 100-second flex session, which consists of 5 stretches and exercises for 20 seconds each. Successfully completing a flex session earns the user experience points, which allow them to level up.

How I built it

I built this app with React Native, so it should run on both ios and android. I set up authentication and user management with AWS Amplify and AWS Cognito. I managed the user data with Google's Firebase and FireStore.

Challenges I ran into

I started working with JavaScript a week ago, and due to that and the nature of the language, I had a hard time debugging. Many errors would be very cryptic, and I would often cause more bugs while trying to figure out what went wrong.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is the first mobile app I've created, and I'm pretty happy with the end result. Although any project can be more 'complete', I'm happy to say the project is pretty complete. Also, I'm pretty happy with the UI.

What I learned

This was my very first time working with Firebase and Firestore. Initially, I was apprehensive and considered switching to AWS services, which I am slightly more familiar with. But I'm glad I pursued Firebase because I found using it to be much more intuitive and simple than using the equivalent AWS service.

What's next for Flex

I plan on further gamifying flex to make it fit more naturally into the workspace. Adding friend functionality, statistics on flex sessions, and creating a virtual reward to incentivize users would make the app more complete.

Note on Demo

Flex requires the user to space their flex sessions 20 minutes apart. In order to demo this project quickly, several settings have been edited during a time when I should have been sleeping.

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