What it does

FleetViz is a data analytics dashboard for ship owners, engineers, and operators providing insights and metrics.

How we built it

Our dashboard is built leveraging Javascript, React, Redux, Express and PostGreSQL and ChartJS for data visualizations.

Challenges we ran into

Our largest challenge faced was the fragmented source data and making connections between siloed areas of the industry. A second challenge we overcame was which metrics to focus on to provide the best results depending on user.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Turning around a functional product within a condensed timeframe.

What we learned

Team dynamics, backgrounds, and narrowing project scope for the the strict timeline. Team dynamics are everything in time crunch during a hackathon, being able to leverage rapid team bonding and coming together for a single goal helped up work cohesively and efficiently. Rather than trying to incorporate every aspect, focusing on a narrow and specific scope for POC helped up reach our target.

What's next for FleetViz

The FleetViz team has sadly disbanded, but we remain in touch and continue to pursue our goals in engineering, design, and business respectively!

Built With

  • react-javascript-chartjs-postgresql
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