This was an exciting project because it was not only software, but also a physical truck (which is very cool, by the way). It's fun to work with IoT!

What it does


Our project provides an easy to use web interface to place and monitor logistic orders.

Solved problems

  • Realtime monitoring of IoT-enabled trucks
  • Full escrow refund if the service doesn't meet the requirements
  • Platform independent and responsive, only requires a web browser
  • All the sensor events are recorded to minimize the ambiguity

How we built it

Using Node.js, MongoDB, MooTools, MQTT.js, Paho, mosquitto, Docker and git.

Challenges we ran into

Truffle turned out to be too complicated, so we didn't integrate it in our final version.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Constant service quality evaluation system and getting it done on time.

What we learned

JavaScript tricks, new technologies, blockchain theory.

What's next for Fleetboard CryptoTruck

Implementing Ethereum smart contracts with Truffle.

Built With

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