We like Node+ for it's flexibility.

We decided to look first at the product and second how that product could be useful in a more general way but still provide the flexibility for unique use cases.

Fleet+ combines identification, SMS and social media into a dashboard for data collection and fleet management. Your fleet can be drilled down to the individual. Accountability will be higher and your data will have greater detail.

General problems for fleet workers: • Speed of access • Lots of things to carry • Lots of things to remember • Lots of places to go

For example, Identification can be verified by having a specific mobile phone and a Node+ device both present. Which could provide friction-free access to doors with locks. but also eliminate use

Fleet+ provides an app for workers in the field. And an online dashboard for Customer Support staff and Managers in the office. Within a few clicks they'll know who did what when and where.

We're excited to take this further, we've delivered a streaming server dashboard and have integrated AT&T in-app messaging, Datadipity API Tools, Parse, Facebook and Twitter. Our app and dashboard are easy to use and can be skinned with any theme.

We would hoped to also have had user management as well, we see this as a necessary feature to a full product, however unfortunately we wouldn't have had enough time to build it.

...but we think this is a good start! Fleet+ Quantified workforce.

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